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Clash Puro [Water Based] -400ml


Clash Puro [Water Based] -400ml


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A revolutionary spray paint, second to none.

Forget your past experiences with other water based spraypaints: even the best solvent spraypaints are second to PURO under every aspects.

It took a couple of years of tests and researches to bring PURO in the hands of our artists: it is a kind of revolutionary product, you just have to try it once to understand the clear difference.

PURO is the water based line of Clash, the renowned spraypaint brand for graffiti and urban arts: this is already a warranty.


No smell, environmental friendly.

Combining innovation, high quality and low environmental impact is the goal we wanted to achieve with PURO. It was created to protect people, those who work with paints and those who live in contact with the products on which PURO is applied.

The first thing about PURO is that the paint has no smell: it can be used both outdoor and indoor, even in a poor ventilated room. It doesn’t contain acetone that can be dangerous for your health. PURO is the most environmental friendly spraypaint available: using it you respect yourself, the others and the planet.


Multipurpose for all surfaces.

PURO is a multipurpose product. It’s made for designers, for graffiti, fine art, painting, decoration, home diy, professional use and commissioned artworks.

It’s also made for the most challenging actions: you can use for your graffiti if you need no smell and short drying time.

PURO has no limits, you can use on all types of surfaces and objects: canvases, fabrics, wood, concrete, wall, metal, glass, PVC films, plastic and also polystyrene.

PURO is fully compatible with clash spray paints and wrapper.


Versatile, you can do what you want.

If you are used that other water-based paints were draining, frying and foaming, this is a new era. PURO has total control and allows perfect lines and dots, without dripping.

Just shake well and push the cap and see how many things you are able to do with this innovative spray.

PURO spraypaint is the result of the idea to have one single tool that can be the best both for indoor artworks of fine art and extreme underground graffiti bombings.


For mixed tecnique.

Nowdays the fine arts are contamined by the graffiti world: the most used tecnique in painting is the mixed tecnique. Our artists are using acrylics with brushes or spatulas, marker pens of various widths and shapes, spray paints and sprayers.

Now our artists can mix all these products in the same artwork because PURO spraypaint is designed to be mixed easily with all these products.

So spray it, brush it, overwrite it with markers or do what the hell you want!

Water soluble when wet, waterproof when dried.


The secrets in the formula.

It took a couple of years of research at Clash laboratories to find the best mix between the “valve and cap” system and the water based paint itself.

PURO can is filled only with the best resins and pigments to be flawless over the time.

PURO has an anti-clog formula: even it’s thick and solid your cap will be always clean and never get blocked up, even when the paint dried.


PURO blue skinny cap.

The spraycan comes with the blue PURO skinny cap. It is a special actuator designed for all purposes: the output is round and clean, sharp if you use close to the surface, suitable both for thin lines and small/medium fillings.

PURO’s female valve is compatible with most male actuators for graffiti. you can replace it with all the caps of the Clash line: a large variety of actuators  with different line widths and vaporization powers.


Chalky look and strong resistance.

Every PURO shade has a vivid matt finish, covers at the first coat and dries fast.

The finish of PURO is smooth and chalky look.

Our laquerers are formulated for a long term resistance to uv rays and weather conditions, thanks to PURO resins and pigments that create a real barrier for aging agents.


How to use PURO water based:

- The surface must be clean, absolutely grease-free and dry.

- Protect your workspace from overspray, mask with paper tape around the paint area.

- Wear gloves and a mask for long time jobs.

- Shake the can for a minute until you hear the sound of the mixing ball, then press the cap to release the paint left inside the valve.

- To fill the surfaces apply a couple of thin layers at a distance of about 15-20 cm with an interval of 20 minutes.

- To draw lines the distance should be less than 5 cm. try it with different caps to find the perfect width for your artwork.

- Stained utensils can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

- Store PURO spraycans in a cool and dry place.

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