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Montana Gold Fluorescent -400ml


Montana Gold Fluorescent -400ml

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  • AGE RESTRICTED, you must be over the age of 16 to purchase Spray Paint.
  • Montana GOLD spraypaint
  • 400ml can size
  • Highly pigmented
  • Over 200 colours in the range
  • Low-pressure paint system.
  • Quick drying Lacquer with high coverage.
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces.
  • Colour: Flourescent Disco White

The GOLD paint series from Montana is a fast drying lacquer that has a high rate of coverage.   Montana is the absolute pinnacle of professional spray paint, the combination of a densely pigmented paint in a low-pressure system results in a highly accurate output due to having more time to think about your work.

The main selling point of Montana GOLD for artists is the “Low Pressure System”, what this means is the paint comes out at a slower rate than it does with Montana Black, this allows you a bit more time to work with it and in turn better and more detailed results can be achieved. 
By using the different ‘Spray Caps’, various widths from 0.4cm up to as much as  30cm can be achieved, precise effects clean lines or slightly diffused lines are all achievable by using the different spray caps in the range.

As standard with Montana, the GOLD range of spray paint has been redeveloped and modified by artists and the Montana team to make it the perfect product for artists, there is no cracking and no colour bleaching.  The Montana GOLD can is also highly versatile as it can be used on a variety of surfaces including canvas, metal, glass, felexible surfaces, wood and of course on concrete.

With over 200 colours in the paint range the GOLD series has a few sub areas within it, CLASSIC colours, SHOCK colours, PROCESS colours, FLOURESCANT colours, CHROME EFFECT colours & TRANSPARENT colour shades, these are all explained.

FLUORESCENT Paint Colours:
Famous for having the ability to glow under UV light sources. There is no exception to this rule with the Montana GOLD Fluorescent range. To achieve the absolute best results we suggest the fluorescent colours be applied to pre-primed, on a dry white surfaces (e.g. Shock White). This will greatly improve luminosity and greatly improve the coverage. When applying the Montana GOLD, clear coats will offer a much greater level of UV protection, however this may hinder the fluorescent effect slightly.
As a rule fluorescent colours are less lightfast and not as able to resist the elements. They are not abrasion proof like other Montana GOLD colour shades.

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