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Pinty Plus Art Magnetic Spray Paint -400ml

pinty plus

Pinty Plus Art Magnetic Spray Paint -400ml


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PintyPlus magnetic spray paint allows the attraction of magnets on any painted surface. Several layers can be applied to raise its magnetic strength. It adheres to a multitude of surfaces such as wood, metal, stone, rigid plastics, etc.

Applications for magnetic aerosol

With this paint you can set aside the thumbtacks or adhesive tapes and change them to magnets without damaging the surface. You can hang photos, plans or sketches with a couple of layers of paint and a few magnets, or help the children with their learning with magnetic letters. It is a very versatile product.

Technical characteristics

Spreading 520 / 400ml = 1.5 m2
Surface total drying time in 30 minutes.
Repaint with the same paint in 5 minutes.
Repaint with another paint in 24 hours
This paint has good adhesion on all surfaces whenever we use the corresponding primer.

How to use the holds magnets spray paint

The surface must be clean, dry and free of any contaminants.

  1. Shake the spray vigorously for about 30 seconds after hearing the balls sound. We strongly recommend to test it before surface application on a piece of paper so you can measure the proper spray distance; each job may require a different distance depending on the object you are going to paint. The larger the surface area is, the more you need to increase the distance of spraying from the object. The recommended distance is 15-20 cm.


  1. Spray criss-cross layers.

In order to get full coverage, it helps to spray from top to bottom, and then from one side to the other side. Doing this will prevent patchiness, but sometimes it isn’t necessary if you have good control of the spray. This paint covers a large surface and is easy to apply smoothly.


  1. Clean the nozzle.

Once you have finished spraying your desired item, invert the spray can upside down and press the nozzle until only gas comes out. This will clean the paint circuit and prevent it from clogging so you can use it in future occasions.

Do not use on devices connected to an electric current and apply only in well-ventilated areas.

Once empty, the aerosol spray must be deposited in the yellow container.

Recommendations for use:

The more layers, the greater the potential for attraction. If the magnets you intend to use do not adhere after painting, continue spraying to add additional layers.

To achieve greater anchorage and protection, pre-treat the surface with any of the available PintyPlus primers depending on the surface.

To paint on surfaces already painted, if the paint is well adhered, sand it superficially to facilitate the adhesion. If the paint is in poor condition, remove it by sanding or by other means such as Greenox paint stripper.

Do not use on devices connected to the electrical network and apply in ventilated areas.

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